MRY Course: A 3 full day workshop in Phu Quoc

Practice and experience 3 dynamic energy of Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki during 3 full days.

3 experiences in 1 course,
Yoga, Meditation & Reiki Level 1

Yoga: Learn Yoga as a beginner, everyone can join this course and give themselves a retreat, Even if you are an expert in yoga. You will learn the step-by-step practice of each yoga asana/posture in detail, to gain an understanding of how your bone structure work and how you can modify the practice according to your body strength and mobility.

Meditation: When your body is warmed up and ready to go deeper in the practice of seating in meditation, now you will learn the step by step meditation with various Dhyana techniques to find what suits you the best. Not only that, also learn to meditate while you eating, drinking, walking, or even working to reach your highest goal. Learn the real meaning of meditation and experience it.

Reiki: Once you have started and deepen the meditation, it’s time to utilize the gained energy to heal yourself and others with the practice of Reiki. Where you will learn not only to feel the energy but also to start using it for healing on a physical, mental, and psychological level. Get your Reiki Level 1 during the training.

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From My Students

"I took a combined course in McGleod Ganj with Amit: Reiki level 1, Yoga and Meditation. It was my first introduction to all three disciplines. Amit taught me the basics, but much more than that: he taught me the essence and value of energy work, something I am still practicing every day and for which I owe Amit my gratitude. His big smile, his eagerness to teach and to learn, his enthusiasm, his patience, his warmth, his genuine love of people and of the skills he wants to convey and pass on to others touch my heart deeply even still today. Amit is a great and highly skilled/ trained teacher with a profound dedication and true vocation to spread love, light and healing in this world through as many people as he can reach. Really, the world is blessed with a true and modest Lightworker such as Amit. He has friends all over the world and keeps in touch with many, as with me and this is always a fun, valuable and wonderful exchange! And he even knows some Dutch words too! I hope you will experience this yourself as you take his courses! Love and Light to Amit and all you wonderful people out there reading this" -The Netherlands
“II had a couple days to spend in McLeod Ganj w/o any plans, and I'm very glad that I crossed paths with Amit! First and foremost he's a wonderful guy, kind, very down to earth, a nice person, and he's also very knowledgeable in his fields, yoga, NLP and Reiki. I went to him knowing very little about Reiki, but I immediately felt comfortable and confident about signing up for his Reiki Level One course. (Bonus: the cost is a fraction of what it is in the U.S.!) He was able to work out a schedule to fit my time constraints, and he tailored the timing of the classes based not on the clock, but on how long it took for our little class to understand and practice the Reiki. His presentation was very pleasant, he's informative and professional, and he allowed plenty of time for his students to ask questions and to practice hands-on. The entire experience was a wonderful introduction to Reiki, and I look forward to continuing on to the higher levels. Followup: When I returned home from my trip, I practiced what Amit taught me on my sister who has chronic pain issues, and she practically cried in response to how good, and pain-free, she felt afterwards!“
Polka Guy

Don’t have time to join a course? Please welcome to visit and practice yoga online right from the comfort of your own home.