How to Meditate

How to Meditate

Most of the time we are busy doing countless things and think that we do not have time to meditate or don’t know how to meditate. However, if we meditate, the meditation practice can give us heaps of flexibility, power and possibilities to deal with things / events throughout the day.

Each 20 min of meditation can give us relaxation equal to 4 hours of sleep and capacity to work more with relaxed body and peaceful mind.

Why Meditate?

Meditation gives us mental peace and calmness and ability to control our mind. We are less worried and able to enjoy every moment with feeling of happiness. Not only that, it also opens new realm for new probabilities.

A lot of time when I meditate, I find some new ideas and schemes for my new projects, such as; creating a compelling online yoga video or how to organize my work for people to understand more easy and effective way. Many times i have found an answer to my questions during my meditation only. Although, they say; in meditation one supposed to be not thinking.

I believe thinking is an amazing tool we have. Though, of course if only it’s productive.

Meditation allows us to be one pointed and focused on the object we need to be focusing without diversion.

How do i Meditate?

I like to play with how the mind works and how it can be dealt with, so that i can bring my mind to the object I need to be focusing on, without distraction whatsoever.

Here is a technique i found during my contemplation and works vigorous:

[one_half]Meditation “Think”[/one_half][youtube-subscriber channelID=UCYTjNDSbrdhAV2QkE2W-UTA layout=full subscribers=default]

Upcoming Activities

I often find many different techniques during my meditation which might be helpful for someone and i will be sharing them as unfold. So make sure to stay in touch and subscribe my channel to get notified on my upcoming Online Yoga Video – or check out my meditation playlist – Yoga with Amit.

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