Increase Sexual Energy

Increase Sexual Energy with Yoga

How can yoga benefit increasing sexual energy?

Increase Sexual Energy – The main benefit of yoga in reducing stress & anxiety. Studies suggest that regular yoga practice helps reducing stress levels in the body by decreasing cortisol levels. Increased stress can have many negative effects on the mind therefore body, and decreased sexual desire is one of them.

This is a small sample size and only one study, but the connection between yoga and increased sexual energy is promising. “Yoga helps to learn how to listen to our body, calms down the mind and makes us more receptive, understanding and therefore better communication lead to increased sexual energy and better sex life is just one simple human connection process.

Yoga may also help improve overall sexual health. The study showed 50 women practiced yoga for 15 weeks. After the study ended, researchers concluded that the women had a significant improvement in their sex lives of course big thanks to yoga. Yoga Increasing awareness and body control as well which can be another factor in increased sexual energy.

Regular yoga practice brings you into the awareness of the present moment which is very important when looking to boost sexual energy or sex life. The more present you can become with your partner, the better the experience will be for both of you. “Sex and yoga both benefit your physical, mental, and emotional state. Learn to practice them regularly for access to feeling your absolute best!

I have created a 5 days sexual energy improvement challenge course which not only, help reducing stress level but also taps into the “Chi” or “Prana” and help to activate it for your sexual energy to function properly. Check out this video and sign up for the list if you would like to receive the course as soon as it’s available.


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