Morning Yoga

An energising morning yoga practice can be beneficial to get the morning laziness away from the body as well as prepare you for a productive day. This beginner sequence will help warm up the body and bring you from repose to refresh.

These simple stretches twist and extend the spine and hips and bring an energetic openness to the body, preparing you for action. Take 20 or 30 minutes every morning to practice, and you’ll start your day wide-awake and full of life without having need for a coffee.

Exercise in the Morning

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When you first wake up, your core body temperature is relatively low, and you are not as quite mentally alert or wary as you are in the afternoon. This makes sense — you’re still waking up!

However some people wake up just a bit more quickly in the morning and can be more creative, sharpe and focused at this time of day. For these type of people, exercise may be just a bit easier to handle from a mental standpoint.

In anyways whether you are more alert mentally in the morning or not, the fact that your body temperature tends to be lower which means, the best type of exercise you can do in the morning is something light or easy, such as a normal nature walk, an luck warm water swim or some morning yoga. If you can only exercise in the morning, you’re still going to get more benefit than any other time of the day.

In conclusion

Morning Yoga really sets up the tone for the day. It gives you ways to deal with life challenges, mentally, emotionally and last not least physically. If you can manage to set up a morning yoga practice, you’re also more likely to get things done more productive and effectively that day. The later you push it, the more conflicts that come up, crashing your best intentions.

So do not wait, get up, stand up and lets start your Morning Yoga Now!

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