Yoga for Hypertension

What we will cover more detailed in this article?

  • What is hypertension?
  • Causes?
  • Diagnosis?
  • Treatment?


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What is Hypertension?

As you may know Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It can highly impact on the quality of life and it can increases the risk of heart stroke, Heart disease and death.
Approximately 86 million people in the United States of America suffering from high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the blood vessels. How high the pressure is depends on the work being done by the heart and the resistance of the blood vessels.

Now days Hypertension and heart disease are global common problems. The World Health Organization gave suggestion of cutting down the processed food industry which has impacted our lives playing a big role in hypertension. The amount of salt we intake and eat proceed food instead of freshly cooked, is also a big reason why we suffer from Hypertension.

However, Some types of hypertension can be managed through lifestyle and dietary choices, such as engaging in physical activity, Yoga for Hypertension, avoiding a high-sodium diet and reducing alcohol and tobacco use.

Our Normal blood pressure should be 120 over 80 mm of mercury, but high blood pressure is higher than 140 over 90 mmHg. Severe causes of high blood pressure include stress or it can result from a physical condition, such as kidney disease.

If hypertension not managed, it can lead to a heart stroke, heart attack and other heart problems. Lifestyle factors are the best way to address high blood pressure.


Blood pressure differs throughout the day. Normally It is lower during sleep and higher on awakening due to body work and movements.

Periodically having high blood pressure for a short time is a normal physiological sass to many situations. Intense stress and excessive exercise, for instance, can for short moment elevate blood pressure in a healthy person.


Therefore, a diagnosis of hypertension normally requires several studies and analysis that show high blood pressure over time.

However, a analysis of 180 over 110 mmHg or higher could be a sign of a hypertension that warns immediate medical engrossment.


Lifestyle choices can subsidize to the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure and that’s where Yoga takes part in. Yoga for Hypertension can give a gentle exercise to the body yet keep the heart at it’s normal blood pressure. These Simple Yoga Exercises are very beneficial and they are not only treatment but also prevention saving us from crisis of Hypertension.

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