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Hanoi, 27thJune 2019

Yoga with Amit, an online platform that allows people to have Free Yoga Classes at Home by watching video and help them understand yoga deeply without any cost or fee. As a beginners or Advance, people can directly connect with Amit for further guidance or personal consultant by commenting on a video in Yoga with Amit YouTube Channel. Start your Free Yoga Classes at Home today:

Yoga with Amit YouTube channel has over 300 learning Yoga videos that has been designed for people to practice step by step from home without getting injured. There are videos can be found on various and specific illnesses. Free Yoga Classes at Home.

Every week there is 1 new yoga video gets published, so if viewers have any specific request they could easily request in advance, get it granted by letting Amit know as simple as commenting on a video telling the requirement for a certain video or asanas.

Amit has been teaching yoga for 14 years As Amit Reiki & Yoga center 2004 – 12 and as Ashta Yoga Valley 2012 – 14, Where; Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga workshops, Reiki/NLP/EFT workshops and daily Yoga classes were part of. He has been to several countries delivering Yoga teacher training in Dubai, Teaching Yoga at University of Indonesia, Yoga classes in Schools of Thailand, Handled classes at A Luminary Life Hoi An etc.

Amit’s passion other than yoga is to travel around the world, having school in India at one place would not be possible and therefore on June 2014 Amit decided to leave everything, “basically give up everything for good” and started travelling as a way of living and part of fulfilling his passion, yet wanted to stablish an online platform which can continue to help people who can learn and get benefit with the content created and available online as Yoga with Amit on YouTube. A big Thanks to YouTube, made it easier than ever.

At the moment Amit is stopping and staying in Hanoi, Vietnam for a while as a base for his resting time and providing people with private Yoga classes in Hanoi to those interested in practicing and knowing yoga on a deeper level.

Amit can be contacted in various means;





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