Best Prostate Yoga Stretch

If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate then you probably looking for some natural ways to get relief for prostate problems. 

Below are 6 yoga poses and stretches that are excellent for prostate problems along with the benefits of each posture to get relief at home from the enlarged prostate gland.

  1. Titali Asana / Butterfly pose: Opens up hips and thighs, improves flexibility. Useful to kidneys, bladder, prostate, endocrine gland, and ovaries. It is helpful for menopause. Stimulates the reproductive and Digestive systems and is the best prostate stretch.
  2. Hindolasana / Cradle Pose Yoga: Gentle hip stretch, opens pelvic region, perfect stretch for prostate. It massages abdominal muscles. Stimulates colon, liver, kidneys, reproductive + digestive systems.
  3. Malasana: A must-do asana for prostate problems. It increases circulation and blood flow in the pelvis. regulate sexual energy, is good for pregnant women, helps release gas, and constipation & improves digestion.
  4. Janusirsasana:  This is another important yoga posture or stretches for the prostate. Effective in relieving urinary disorders. massages pelvic floor, Helpful in diabetes and relieves constipation, & an excellent energy booster.
  5. Purvottanasana: Deep stretch to the upper body, including shoulders, chest, abdomen, & spine, build strength throughout all core muscles & muscles surrounding the spine. 
  6. Balasana: Calms mind, reduces anxiety and fatigue. Massages abdomen increases blood circulation to the head. Here is a video showing how to practice these postures. 

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