EFT Training

EFT Training

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques is a relatively new technique or healing art and a fast effective treatment within the field of Energy and Psychology which is attracting many healers, spiritualists and scientists people.

Who is the course for?

EFT is the two days therapy course and an ideal place to test out the usefulness of EFT in your life. It introduces you to the basics of EFT approach and gives you practical experience with the way EFT can make an immediate difference to your sense of control over your life, and to your ability to build relationships. As well as how emotion can be freed in very simple and effective ways. This workshop may be the beginning of an exciting journey for you. Your trainer is Amit.

What will I learn?
With EFT you’ll learn how to…

Reduce anxieties fears, phobias, insecurities and worries within minutes
Tap awaymigraines, headaches, Stomach and other physical pains.
Learn the most powerful tapping points around your body
Learn the phrases (what to say while tapping) to get the best results in the least time.

Reduce the stress, anxiety and other emotions of real life issues during the course.
Take the intensity out of unwanted memories and other stressful mental images
Reduce cravings and overcome emotional eating patterns and habits.

When does it starts?

There are 2 workshops every week, please write here to know a date suits you for joining a course.

Fee: 450 $USD
Write us your query or book a course below.

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