Indian Govt Certified Yoga Teacher since 2004

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Amit Reiki & Yoga Center And Ashta Yoga Valley

Amit Namdev has been a teacher since 2004, beginning from Rishikesh, and established a Yoga school in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala India


I have been suffering from an enlarged prostate. I practice your exercise. It worked like a miracle from day one. Thank you so much.

-Md. Nuruzzaman

This is really Magic..I had a headache for 3 days…now it is completely Gone. Thank you sooo much


This is fantastic… Started doing it yesterday. And yesterday night had sound sleep without any nasal blockage… Thank you

-Debarati Majumdar

This was wonderful. Thank you so much for this routine, Amit. God bless and health, peace and happiness always !

-Abhishek Todmal

Benefits Of Yoga

Flexibility and Endurance: Releasing undesirable stress and anxiety, and creating more space, increasing Endurance and mobility throughout the entire body, increasing competitive performance, joint, bone & muscular health and so much more!

Stress & Sexual Health: Studies suggest that daily yoga practice can be helpful in reducing stress and tension levels in the body by decreasing cortisol levels the stress hormone. Increased stress levels can play a main negative effect on the body, which decreased sexual desire is one of many.

Yoga teaches you how to relax the body, and become aware of it, as well as how to calm and balance your mind. Release endorphins that provide a natural high which improves your mood, decreases anxiety and insomnia, increases focus when in stressful situations, works on breathing techniques, and much more!

Weight Loss: Build strength within the whole body, sweat out, and enjoy the flow to feel at your best while having fun on the mat diving in through many enjoyable and diverse sequences that challenge the body, mind, and soul.

Overall Health: Improve cardiovascular health, detox the body organs, increase energy levels, heal and reduce chronic pain and injuries, calm the mind relax body, and much more!

Courses/classes in yoga and reiki are available in HCM city, Vietnam

Yoga Private Class: One on One,

Yoga Group: Classes,

Breathwork: Learn to Practice yoga breathing,

LIVE: Google Meet, FaceTime

Reiki: Level 1, 2, 3 & Master + Reiki sessions,

NLP: 2 days & 5 days training + Therapy work,

EFT: Training + Sessions

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