5 days Sexual Energy Improvement Challenge

Today we will talk about Sexual Energy Improvement Challenge – Not only does yoga help relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and improve overall physical and mental health, but yoga can also be an excellent sexual energy booster.

Studies show that some yoga poses and practices reduce body fatigue and adjust the hormone cortisol.

Yoga engages your core and energizes your system from the inside out.

It sharpens your focus and creates a mental calm space as well as incorporates lots of deep breath work, which in turn increases your oxygen intake instantly to help you feel more alert.

Certain yoga poses can be used to awaken your inner Goddess and enhance your sexual energy for more arousal, better sex, and increased personal power.

But unlike other styles of yoga that focus more on physical postures,

Kundalini yoga — a combination of breath, mantra, and movement — aims to powerfully awaken the energy known as Kundalini, which can open up incredible possibilities for your sex life.

Kundalini yoga is a very personal and very powerful practice that should be treated with respect because the energy you are trying to awaken is intense and life-changing.

However, if your only interest is simply to awaken the sexual energy, you may want to reconsider, as there is so much more involved; sexual arousal is just one of the added benefits.

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