The Real Benefits of Pranayama

The Real Benefits of Pranayama

Want to Change your Mental and Physical Negative state instantly? Stay tuned and read the whole article. “The Real Benefits of Pranayama.

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“The Real Benefits of Pranayama” Now days we have become very scientific, which is not a bad thing indeed, However, we also should not neglect the ancient knowledge of yoga and yogis who were using in past and passed it on it us. And should find out what are The Real Benefits of Pranayama?

The nature of passing information always changes in some context of the real information, in the end the full information changes into what we need or think is good enough, due to the 3 filters we have; Deletion, Distortion and Generalization.

Same way most of the time when we think of “The Benefits of Pranayama” we just notice or aware that prana mean energy or vital energy comes in in our body and it heals or we intake more prana through inhaling much amount of oxygen during pranayama etc.

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However, The Real Benefits of Pranayama maybe more than that. Did you ever notice your both the nostrils? That they never flow in same flow? If one nostrils flows clearly than another one will be slight difficult to breath or less breath in and out?

Pause reading this for a moment and let’s become aware of your state, both mind and body. Whether you feel stress, anxiety, happy, excited, strong?? Whatever you are feeling write them down. After check your nostrils, see which one is flowing more so than other?

For instance; if you feeling happy, excited and strong, see which nostrils is flowing? Remember that nostril for next time and see which nostril flows when you feel sad or unhappy or stressed?

You should check many times a day as the nostrils flow changes all the time which determines the state of your mind. And should note down each time you are in stressed or excited state.

For Instance: If you find your right nostril flows stronger and this is when you feel more happy, strong and confident or energised, then whenever you are feeling down, go ahead and close the left nostril and breath in and out from right nostril to inhale and exhale to reactivate your right nostril, consequence activating your strong side, happy and energised excited and positive energy.

“And after doing so you will know The Real Benefits of Pranayama”.

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Isn’t cool to find out The Real Benefits of Pranayama? You would activate your brain neurons by using left and right nostrils or ida and pingla nadi or yin and yang or female and male energy. And you will find yourself to be yourself. More clear in head, more positive state, more excited and happy to do what you do.

Try your self and find out The Real Benefits of Pranayama now, how these simple breathings in and out alternatively can massively impact on our body and mind, therefore our results.

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