What is the obstacle in Hypnosis?

There are 3 fear that people are normally afraid of : 

  • Fear of not being in self-control : as this is a clinical hypnotherapy, the patient is in full control and can walk out anytime he/she want.
  • Fear of revealing a secret : since you remain in control during the therapy, whether you go into deep relaxation or not, whether you unveil secrets of your subconscious or not, remain entirely up to you.
  • Fear of not being able to come out: in the clinical hypnosis, though the patient enters a deeper state of subconscious mind, he nevertheless remains lucid througout the therapy to come out whenever is necessary (by following the instructor).

Most fears are based on stereotypes of hypnosis, as some sort of circus act, rather than of what hypnotherapy truly is.

Bottom line, if there is a change that you want make in your life but are unable to do so by the power of your conscious mind the hypnotherapist can help you achieve it by guiding you into your subconscious mind, where the logical connections will be made, not by commanding, but by suggesting.

“ The changes occurred, at the time you have decided to change” 
~ Amit Namdev