3-WEEK Courses at Ashta Yoga Centre

3WEEK YOGA COURSES are offered that immerse the participant into the essence of Yoga from basic towards improvements, into both its philosophical and practical aspects. During these courses, a student is taught everything that is important and must be learnt to maintain a regular practice. Each week has 5 days of practice. Everyone coming to the Amit Yoga Centre for the first time must start with the 3Week Introductory Course (for Beginners at amit’s yoga). 

This applies to everyone, regardless of their previous Yoga experience or how advanced their practice might be. The Course is informative, motivational and – above all – experiential.  If the student wishes to continue at Amit’s Center, they must join another two more 3-Week Course for continuing students, inorder to continueing learning and studying at Amit’s Center.

After the three courses of 3-week each completed succsefully, you may be ready and eligible to start your journey towards spreading that knowledge and love with others by taking a Yoga TT Course Level 1 with Amit. However taking 1 month of teacher training doesnt allow you to teach but beggining to be preparing for being teacher.

(The 3-week course can also be finished in 6 weeks, in three parts or threee weeks courses in 18- weeks. For more information contact center).

1. 5-Day Yoga Course for Beginners: This 5-day course is designed to introduce the Amit’s method of Yoga to the beginner student and some breathing execerice is introduced to provide a good fundmental knowledge and experience of how to continue one’s daily practice after the course is completed. Corrective, informative, relaxing and being meditative are focused.

This course provides a fundamental framework and inspires one to explore deeper within. Amit or One of Amits trained teachers will conduct this Course. During the Course, we work on the foundations of Yoga in a unique way, which has been – and continues to be – personally researched and designed by Amit. Yoga is one, though practised diffrently to get diffrent expereince and accoding to individuals body structure and health reason.

2. 5-Day Yoga Course for Continuing Students: After successfully completing the 5-Day Yoga Course for Beginners, students who want to continue the same week can start class right in the next morning and are instructed by Amit or one of his trained teachers. These students are taught additional postures and guided, according to the pace at which they develop. Both 5-day Courses take 2.5 to 3.5 hours daily. As well as further pranayama are being introduced.

3. 5-Day Course for continuing students, (those want to take a break and wish to continue in next weeks are requested to consult with the teacher). Once comepleted sucssefully the second week then We will be introducing you to further postures as well as to be coordinating the pranayama practice together with Asana practice to get the best of your practice. And also to be used as therapy on level of mental, emotional as well as some physical aspects too.

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Flexibilty isnt important to be able to join yoga,

practice yoga and dedicate yourself to it,

And it will bring to you all you looking for.

Amit Namdev