3 full day MRY Workshop

MRY Workshop is a 3 day non residential workshop and powerful combination of Yoga – Meditation – and Reiki. During his personal practice Amit has discovered that meditation directly following yoga practice encourages a deeper meditative experience. As Reiki involves meditation the natural result of this is a very powerful and ultimately much more effective Reiki. … Read more

3-WEEK Courses at Ashta Yoga Centre

3–WEEK YOGA COURSES are offered that immerse the participant into the essence of Yoga from basic towards improvements, into both its philosophical and practical aspects. During these courses, a student is taught everything that is important and must be learnt to maintain a regular practice. Each week has 5 days of practice. Everyone coming to the … Read more

Uddiyana Bandha / The Abdominal Lock


Stand with your feet one foot apart.
Bend slightly, place your hands on your thighs/knees.
Take a deep breath and exhale forcefully.
Contract your abdominal muscles as much as you can.
Without inhaling, expand the thoracic region.
Gently release your abdominal lock after a few seconds.
Take normal breath and repeat the technique.
You can do it upto three to four times. Each time, you may hold the
abdominal lock for 4/5 seconds.
Uddiyana Bandha should be performed only on empty stomach. It would do well
if you perform it after asana practice.
People suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease should refrain
from practice of Uddiyana Bandha.

“Benefits of Uddiyana bandha”

Uddiyana Bandha improves digestion.
It tones the abdominal muscles and strengthens abdominal organs.
It produces amazing results by enhancing the performance of vital organs.
It is one of the best yoga for reducing tummy fat.
It is good for ulcer and stomach pain.

Up coming Courses

Next Mind – Body – Universe Integration Training starts on 13th June 2013 Apply Now Full 3 day Non Residential Course Combining Reiki, Yoga, NLP and Meditation and run by Amit Namdev Make a booking now! Be certified in Reiki level 1. Experience states of transcendence and happiness in simple ways. Get a mental and physical health … Read more