3 full day MRY Workshop

MRY Workshop is a 3 day non residential workshop and powerful combination of Yoga – Meditation – and Reiki.

During his personal practice Amit has discovered that meditation directly following yoga practice Imageencourages a deeper meditative experience. As Reiki involves meditation the natural result of this is a very powerful and ultimately much more effective Reiki. Amit has created this exciting new course to enable him to share this experience with his students.

Who is it the course for?

Those who would like to quieten the mind and work inwardly to discover peace and sanctuary within themselves, whoever and wherever they are in life.

Yoga and meditation practioners who would like to proceed into deeper levels safely with support to enable a better understanding of their practice.

Those who would like to quit bad habits or are having difficulty sleeping and being at rest etc.

What will you learn?

You will have three core experience:

1. Reiki – Get Certified in Reiki Level 1 and learn the Hands on healing art. Gain the powerful ability to heal yourself and others at anytime, anywhere.

2. Meditation – Find a key to your lock. Through the practice of many different meditation techniques we will find a technique that fits for you. From 20 min continued daily practice you will discover the healing and balancing effects this will have on your mind and body and therefore your soul.

3. Yoga – You will learn the correct alignments of every posture according to Yoga Anatomy and the specific bone structure of your own body. You will learn how to work with your body to be able to practice safely integrating breath and movement coordination. You will deepen your understanding about your practice, and will gain all the tools needed to be able to continue your practice by yourself at home. A time for personal questions is dedicated as well to help you to work on personal difficulties in your practice.

When is next training?

Training starts every Tuesday to Thursday (min 2 seats and max 6 seats only)


What is the fee of the course?

Fee: 180 USD ( includes tea, Reiki and Yoga bibliography and Cetificates)

(The course can be done separated and can be joined only your desired subjects).